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4 Steps To Mount A Scope Properly For Competitive Shooting

4 Steps To Mount A Scope Properly For Competitive Shooting

Mounting a scope properly on a rifle or a gun is one of the crucial aspects of sharpshooting. However, it can be challenging at the same time, as once you miss a few steps, it can become a nightmare for you.

Even if you use a branded scope of superior quality, improper fitting with the firearm will still ruin the entire shooting system. Thus, the installation of the scope should be done in the right manner. For that, selecting the suitable bases and rings along with alignment tools is necessary for mounting a scope appropriately.

Mounting also takes on diverse perspectives based on whether you are hunting, competing, or plinking; however, they all start the same way.

If you don’t want the shooting game to be over for you, then mounting your scope correctly on the rifle is your only option. The team of ScopeStraight has many years of experience in the field, so we will help you out in knowing the right way to do that.

Let’s go!

1.      Check The Screw Threads

The first step involves in mounting a riflescope is screwing the threads. If the screw threads are clean instead of covering in oil or any residue that stops the scope from mounting, it will not cause you any problem. So, make sure to deep clean the threads with a microfiber cloth.

2.      Time To Mount The Rings

After the threads, it’s the rings turn to be appropriately mounted on the rifle. While mounting the rings, it is essential to have a correct eye alignment. Thus, it should be done precisely, and if you are not sure about your skills, you can use scope mounting tolls or accessories available in the market to line up the rings correctly.

3.      Installing The Torque

Based on your rings, scope, and sight, the installment of torque can change for the sake of securing the mounting of the riflescope. However, the torque needs to be fitted enough to move smoothly without getting saggy.

The standard torque range is from 15 inches to 65 inches per pound and more. The best things about torque are that it holds the scope tightly and keeps it safe from damage.

4.      Adjust Scope To Eye Levelling

Do not forget to adjust the scope for eyes relief, as not doing it will only cost you the risk of getting smacked in the face by the scope upon shooting.

Eye relief is the distance from our eyes to the intended field of view, which is used to make a safe distance from the edge of the scope. Thus, the finding of the right adjustment takes time and practice for perfection.

In A Nutshell

After reading all the four steps, you now know how to efficiently mount your riflescope for professional and competitive shooting.

In case you need a mounting tool with a Picatinny rail to adjust the alignment of your scope, contact ScopeStraight for purchasing.

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