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In the last decade, rifle scopes have come a long way. New tools and perpetual engineering has made the scopes more reliable and sharper to face, even for the most formidable challenge. However, every scope, no matter how branded or expensive it is, if not mounted properly, then they are useless for a firearm because the most common point of failure for an optic is the mount. This is where ScopeStraight steps in.

What Is ScopeStraight?

ScopeStraight is a scope mounting tool specially designed to align the rifle’s scope in both vertical and horizontal manner with a Picatinny rail. This mounting tool is easy to use and adjustable to fit various scope lengths to make the work done.

ScopeStraight makes the painful process of aligning the scope effortless and provides a step-by-step guide to shooters installing the ScopeStraight in the rifle’s scope. You can align your scope’s vertical cross-hair to slide the vertical slot with the adjustable part of the ScopeStraight assembly. This tool comes in various colors to help the hunters choose the one color that goes best with their rifles.

How To Install ScopeStraight?

The installation procedure of ScopeStraight is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is:

  • Remove the scope cover, charge handle, and bolt carrier from the rifle.
  • In the next step, you have to lose the screw rings of the scope to rotate smoothly.
  • Then it comes to the installment of cross hair locator on to the alignment base
  • Slide the alignment base onto the Picatinny rail
  • Square the vertical cross-hair to meet its edge while looking through the pee sight
  • Tight the scope ring screws
  • Remove the assembly, and you are good to go for the hunting

Isn’t the scope mounting process concise and easy to carry out with ScopeStraight? Indeed, it is!

Why You Need Scopestraight For Your Rifle?

Mounting a scope is one of the crucial steps in achieving your shooting goals at the range. However, some firearm overlooks the importance of mounts and suffer as a result.

Optic teams spend countless hours researching how to make scopes as resilient as possible, but a scope can’t exceed more than its limit. This was when the optic experts sat together at a conference table to combine their ideas. As a result of their meeting, ScopeStraight comes into being to align the scope for precise shooting without any chance of missing.

In A Nutshell

Mounting a scope is fun with ScopeStraight, so in case if you want to make your shooting game stronger, then contact ScopeStraight anytime or visit our website. We will help you seek out the best mount for your scope at ScopeStraight to open a firm lockup between optic and rifle.

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