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The Basics Of Rifle Scope Magnification And Alignment

Rifle Scope Magnification And Alignment

The knowledge of rifle scope magnification is crucial for every shooter, along with the objective lens diameter, usually measured in millimeters. This basic knowledge provides an upper hand to the hunter in a shooting game and makes them competent in the same field.

This blog will focus on scope magnification, object distance, and scope alignment. All these aspects are your rifle’s life force that plays an integral part in making the shooting efficient.

Rifle Scope Magnification

A 3×40 rifle scope holds 3x magnification with a 40mm objective lens. Objects with these scopes appear three times closer and three times larger than they appear to the naked eye. So a shooter targets an object 300 yards away. The target will appear as if it were 100 feet away only with the mounted scope.

A 3-9×40 rifle scope has the leniency to vary the scope anywhere between 3x and 9x. However, it is analogous to a zoom lens. And with its lowest magnification, the scope can magnify objects three times from their unmagnified distance. But, the magnification can be adjusted to magnify the object 9-times from their unmagnified distance.

You might believe that greater magnification is always better, but this is not always true. Because you cannot select scope magnification based on the size. There are several other factors involved in choosing the right magnification scope for your rifle.

Scope Magnification Based On The Target Distance

Shooters usually do not need more than 10x magnification up to 500 yards for shooting. Many of them are set on 4x or 6x magnification because high magnification scopes produce diminishing returns.

High magnification scopes produce a large apparent image, but it comes with the resolution. Because these scopes are more prone to distortion. The result is a choice between a highly magnified but distorted image of a deer’s leg or a less magnified but sharp image of a deer’s body.

Moreover, high magnification scope amplifies motion, due to which you may even see the image moving with your breathing and heartbeat. Thus, viewing distorted images through a high-powered riflescope will magnify the mirages effect and makes the target appear shaky, often with a double image.

Rifle Scope Alignment Tools

Hunters commonly target wild boars or deer who act unpredictably that leaves you off-guard. Therefore, making a shot before they make a move on you is mandatory. A fully-fledged mounted scope with alignment tools is required because it permits you to get a good grip on the target without letting them know about your hideout.

Scope alignment tools massively increase the sphere of hunting and accuracy, making your hunting game stronger so then you can take a shot like a professional snipper.

In A Nutshell

Combining the right magnification scope with the best alignment tools sums up a perfect and unbeatable rifle with which you can achieve the shooting world’s unseen victories.

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