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What Is Minute of Angle (MOA) For Scope Adjustment?

What Is Minute of Angle (MOA) For Scope Adjustment?

Many hunters know the term ‘Minute of Angle’ (MOA) in a rifle scope adjustment, and if not, this blog will help them in learning. MOA allows shooters to understand a rifle’s accuracy and how to dial the correct measurement on a scope to change the point of impact on the target by the same measure. It is also essential for adjusting ‘zero’ in a scope.

On reading, it might seem complex, but this simple measurement, when done correctly, can make shooting more fun and rewarding for shooters. Minute of Angle can also be even more precise and better with scope alignment tools as technology such as Scope Straight makes the target level in long-range shooting more sound.

To learn the basics of MOA, keep reading this blog till the end!

The ‘Minute’ in Minute of Angle

The term ‘minute’ in the minute of angle denotes the rifle’s accuracy. It is a small unit of measurement for an angle that tells the shooter about the size of shot diffusion in inches at 100 yards.

The ‘Angle’ in Minute of Angle

Angles are usually measured in degrees and sometimes in radians. Most people are familiar with angle degrees such as 90, 180, and 360 degrees. Each degree marks a precise unit of measurement in angle. To be exact, the larger the number, the wider the angle.

However, each degree is distributed into 60 smaller units, and each minute is 1/60th of a degree.

How to Measure MOA for Long-Range Shooting?

The width increases with the distance mean one minute of angle at 100 yards is one minute of angle at 1000 yards, and if you increase the radius (r) by ten times, the circumference (2π) also increases ten times linearly.

Thus, you can add another inch for each additional 100 yards that you get from the target. So if you fire five rounds at a target that is 200 yards away, you will be shooting with 1-MOA. If you doubled, tripled, or halved your distance, the minute angle remains the same, but the shot ring needs to be adjusted each time.

How MOA Works in Rifle Scope?

MOA works with the measuring angle and the angle between the point of aim that impacts the rifle’s projectile. Looking through the scope, it will seem like you aim straight, but the line of sight and your rifle’s barrel are angled against each other to produce a trajectory. This means the further you shoot; the more time the bullet has to drop exponentially. Thus, to bring out the accuracy in your point of aiming and impact. You need to learn the basic formula: tan (MOA/60˚) = size of bullet drop/ aim distance

For beginners, it may sound complicated, but if you get a full grip on MOA, your shooting game will become on the mark. However, measuring the minutes of angle is easy with scope leveling tools. They help align the target scope and make it easy for shooters to calculate the minutes of angle, considering the distance and the target.

In A Nutshell

This mini-guide on MOA will help hunters in measuring the accurate minutes of angle for perfect shooting.

In case you need the best scope alignment tools for your rifle, contact Scope Straight for shooting solutions.

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