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Breathing Techniques for Accurate Shooting

Breathing Techniques for Accurate Shooting – Scope Straight

One area that gets neglect when learning how to shoot is ‘breathing.’ Knowing how to control your breath while you use a firearm is crucial – on the other hand, not knowing how to manage your breath while your shooting can affect its shooting accuracy. No matter how many skills and training drills you master, if you don’t know how to control your breathing while shooting, you can never have an accurate shot.

Breath control while shooting becomes more crucial as the distance to the target increases. Your slightest chest movement can make you miss the target with a visible mark. When you know how to control your breath, it will give you the advantage to remain steady while you aim and shoot your target in sight.

How Can Your Breathing Motion Affect Your Shooting Accuracy?

Here is a simple exercise step-by-step that will demonstrate how your breathing motion can affect your shooting accuracy.

  • Cup your hands together. Extend them as if you were aiming at a target but without a weapon in your hand.
  • Make an aim with your thumbs at the target.
  • Now, slowly start taking deep breaths.
  • You will start noticing that the imaginary target that you aimed through your thumb is now moving up and down as you breathe.

This is why not knowing how to control your breathing motion can affect your shooting accuracy. When you aim for a shot, you would want to hold your breath. However, if you keep your breath for more than a few seconds, be aware that it can cause muscle tremors or muscle shaking. Therefore, it is better to know proper breathing techniques to remain steady and shoot an accurate shot.

Note: Always remember that the ideal time of a shooter holding their breath depends on the individual. Commonly, the typical time limit ranges from four seconds to seven seconds. If any shooting takes longer than 10 seconds to aim and shoot, they should again start with their breathing techniques and exercises.

There is a standard breath training method for shooting called BRASS. It is the easiest to learn. BRASS means breath, relax, aim, squeeze, shoot.

The conventional exercise for breathing is named BRASS, and it is the easiest method to learn. Try following these steps every time you shoot. The steps for this training method are:

  • Get ready and take two regular breaths.
  • Before you press the trigger and fire, slowly and gradually exhale through your nose and then breath in through your mouth. This technique will help you reduce your urge to breathe after small intervals as it lowers down the carbon dioxide level in your blood.
  • Now, take your third breath as you aim for your target with your gun.
  • When you have a good aim and are comfortable, exhale and press the trigger as your hold your breath.

Three Basic Breathing Techniques For Shooting

  • Inhale And Pause

While aiming your target with your gun, double-check your position. Keep a precise sight of your target. Slowly inhale while aiming, and just when you are halfway through the inhaling process, pause and squeeze the trigger. The 1-2 second pause that you have between inhaling and exhaling will remain your game changer.

  • Exhale And Pause

It is almost like the inhale and pause technique. Exhale and pause require you to aim for your target before exhaling. Stand in a firm position and lock yourself. Then exhale a portion of the air that you inhale before and pause. Just as you pause your exhaling process, press the trigger, and shoot your shot.

  • Full Exhale

The last of the breathing techniques require you to exhale fully. First, make an aim and stand in position. Now slowly and gradually exhale all the air out of your lung and empty them. Maintain your attention on your target as you take a breath. When you have fully exhaled, pause, and pull the trigger.

To Inhale Or To Exhale?

Try all the three above-listed breathing techniques and see which one works out for you. It is also ideal that you do not give a pause of more than ten seconds while breathing and shooting. When you excel in one of these three techniques, you can also learn how to shoot in-between your breaths.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is not only the breathing that majorly contributes to accurate shots. Your shooting equipment also contributes a significant chunk. Moreover, having scope alignment tools also helps in shooting a precise shot. Where breathing techniques are something that you need to practice on your own, having quality shooting equipment can help you in the long run.

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